A simple and essential bed for the guest bedroom, beach house, or in bright colours for the children’s room at home? Marlene is the perfect solution thanks to its availability in single, queen, double or extra-large formats, all with a light and linear look. The headboard and rails with removable covers are gently rounded along the top edge. Rails are offered in two different heights: 28 or 22 cm. The latter is also available with under-mattress storage. The lower dimension offers more space beneath the bed for cleaning.

product description

available dimensions
Single bed bed base and mattress cm 80×190 / 80×200
Queen size bed bed base and mattress cm 120×190 / 120×200
Matrimoniale bed base and mattress cm 160×190 / 160×200
XL double bed bed base and mattress cm 180×190 / 180×200
bed frame h. 22
storage unit h. 22
bed frame h. 28
storage unit h. 28
storage unit easy-up h. 28