Evolution Foam Mattresses

3 layer sandwich construction / Evocell foam / 5 support zones / height 24 cm / firm

Fisiocare is an ideal mattress for adjustable bed frames (head lift/foot lift) because it is particularly elastic, though naturally it can also be used with any type of frame. Made from ecological Evocell foam this mattress features 5 support zones. It features a 3-space breathable side band with handles, a removable and washable cover with a double zipper and a choice of various paddings proposed by Ennerev.

3 layer

guaranteed hygiene
removable and washable cover
The structure of Fisiocare is composed almost entirely of Evocell, one of the latest generation of expanded foams. It is well ventilated and very resistant to weight, humidity and heat. It is accompanied by a succession of stacked shaped inserts in ecological foam.
The Evocell structure is shaped to offer progressive support in 5 differentiated zones and 18 cm thick. It offers rigid support for the head and shoulders, back and thighs, intermediate support for the pelvis and a welcoming sensation for the calves and feet.
H 22 cm (approx.)
standard dimensions


80 x 190 cm
80 x 195 cm
80 x 200 cm
85 x 190 cm
85 x 195 cm
85 x 200 cm
90 x 190 cm
90 x 195 cm
90 x 200 cm

full size

100 x 190 cm
100 x 195 cm
100 x 200 cm
120 x 190 cm
120 x 195 cm
120 x 200 cm
140 x 190 cm
140 x 195 cm
140 x 200 cm

queen size

160 x 190 cm
160 x 195 cm
160 x 200 cm
165 x 190 cm
165 x 195 cm
165 x 200 cm
170 x 190 cm
170 x 195 cm
170 x 200 cm

queen size XL

180 x 190 cm
180 x 195 cm
180 x 200 cm

Natura Kapok
Vegetable silk padding. This extremely light and elastic fibre is made from ultra-thin filaments of cellulose full of air pockets, covered by a layer of natural wax, obtained from the fruits of the tropical Kapok tree. With the ability to trap up to 80% of air, it is an excellent insulator and inhospitable to bacteria thanks its rapid drying property. The external fabric is treated with antibacterial products.
Easy Clean
100% hypoallergenic padding. Breathable and elastic with optimum hypoallergenic and antibacterial characteristics, this product is realised in hollow core thermal polyester fibres that ensure the flow of air and assist with the evaporation of humidity generated by the body during rest. It is supplied by Dacron®, a European leader in the production of padding fibres. The external fabric is treated with antibacterial products to protect against dust mites.