Children’s mattresses: what are their specific characteristics?

Ennerev’s mattresses for children's beds are generally smaller than single adult mattresses. This makes them easily adaptable to children’s bed frames, bunkbeds and multi-bed systems, for example with a second pull-out mattress. Ennerev proposes anti-mite, hypoallergenic and breathable mattresses made from manufacturer certified products. Cover fabrics are sanitised without the... Leggi tutto

Why add a toper to your mattress?

A topper serves to correct firmness. It is a very thin mattress, at most five centimetres, made from soft padding in natural fibres or foam, applied on top of a mattress to make it softer and more welcoming. Ennerev proposes toppers with different types of padding and different covers, including... Leggi tutto

What are anti-mite mattresses?

Anti-mite mattresses inhibit the proliferation of mites, often the cause of allergic reactions like coughing, sneezing, restless sleep, skin redness and forms of dermatitis. All Ennerev mattresses are made from Oeko Tex® certified fabrics (an independent fabric testing system) treated from the early stages of fabrication with odourless anti-mite and... Leggi tutto

How to distinguish the winter and summer side of a mattress?

For mattresses with a cover featuring a summer and winter side, the indication “winter side” is present on the label stitched to the edge of the padded cover, which also lists washing instructions. There is no other way to visually distinguish between the two sides because the cover is identical... Leggi tutto

Why do Memory mattresses cause the sensation of greater heat?

Memory mattresses cause the sensation of greater heat due to their peculiar quality of wrapping the body to uniformly distribute its various pressures. Precisely this wrapping effect, which depends on a greater adherence of the mattress to the body, provokes the sensation of heat, above all among those with a... Leggi tutto

How long does it take to adjust to a new mattress?

This depends. For a new mattress a period of adaptation is entirely normal and varies from person to person. In general, there are those who sense the benefits after only a few days, while others need weeks. In any case, a period of adaptation is entirely normal, above all when... Leggi tutto

What is the best way to clean a mattress?

First off, it is necessary to distinguish between normal maintenance and deep cleaning, for example to remove accidental stains. To remove dust from the sleep side it is sufficient to delicately brush the fabric cover. Attention: mattresses should never be beaten like a rug as this will ruin the padding.... Leggi tutto

How should I was the cover of my Ennerev mattress?

This depends on the type of cover, because different paddings and different fabrics require specific washing cycles. The majority of the removable covers proposed by Ennerev can be washed in water, on a delicate washing cycle at a tepid temperature. Other covers need to be dry-cleaned, depending on the type... Leggi tutto

What causes pilling on the fabric of a mattress?

Pilling (the little balls that form on fabrics) is generated by contact and rubbing between the mattress fabric and bed linens, above all when they contain synthetic fibres. Pilling in no way compromises the quality of a mattress or its padding. Leggi tutto

Why is it important to flip a mattress?

Flipping a mattress is important for two reasons: to enjoy the different benefits of winter/summer padding, when present, and to extend the durability of the mattress itself. During the first months of use it is fundamental to periodically rotate the mattress, from head to foot, and to flip it over... Leggi tutto

Can I clean my mattress with a vacuum?

This is best avoided: we don’t recommend using a vacuum to clean your mattress as this can cause a separation of the internal padding and the accidental removal of the thinnest fibres of the padding panels. Leggi tutto

Can I steam clean my mattress?

This is best avoided: we advise against using steam sanitising home appliances to clean your mattress as they can lead to the formation of pockets of humidity inside the mattress structure, or produce halos on the cover fabric and the possible appearance of unpleasant mould stains. Leggi tutto

Where can I find the name or model of the Ennerev mattress I purchased?

The name or model of your mattress is written on the label. The adhesive label, applied to the side of the mattress, lists the following information: manufacturer’s name (Ennerev) product name mattress dimensions cover type composition of the padding and fabric (for mattresses with multiple options) degree of firmness (when... Leggi tutto

Where can I find the prices of Ennerev mattresses?

The prices of our mattresses vary based on the model, desired dimensions and eventual options, for example the typology of padding. Please speak with one our retailers to obtain a price for the product that interests you. Also ask for information about the time it takes to produce a new... Leggi tutto

Is it possible to ask for a custom sized mattress?

Yes: many Ennerev mattresses and frames can be custom sized, even with non-standard dimensions. For more information or to ask for a quote please contact one of our retailers? Leggi tutto

How does one go about choosing a mattress?

The choice of a mattress is absolutely subjective because each of us has different needs and above all different tastes and sleep habits. Choosing a mattress may seem complicated, but knowing what is important to consider can help make this choice much easier. To identify the mattress most suited to... Leggi tutto

Can I buy direct from the factory?

No, we do not sell direct nor do we have an outlet. Ennerev products are available from our retailers: find the retailer nearest you on the dedicated page of our website. Leggi tutto

Can I benefit from tax credits on mattresses certified as Class 1 medical devices?

Yes, Ennerev mattresses certified as Class 1 medical devices are eligible for tax credits of up to 19% at the time of purchase, as a legally certified medical device for those who benefit from this credit. If you purchase this product in a store with your Italian tax number (codice... Leggi tutto