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Topper Hybrido

The Hybrido topper makes for an even softer mattress by improving the comfort of the sleep side. Embroidered with a pattern of squares and finished with the same colourful border as this line of mattresses, the topper is available in Natura Kapok or Hypoallergenic Dacron. Practicality is guaranteed by the non-slip underside and easy application that requires no elastics or buttons. The topper can be washed in cold water.

The Topper Hybrido belongs to Ennerev Hybrido collection. Find out more


Natura Kapok
“Vegetable silk” padding. This light and elastic fibre is made from incredibly thin filaments of cellulose filled with air and covered by a layer of natural wax extracted from the fruit of tropical Ceiba trees. Featuring up to 80% of air inside its fibres, this excellent insulator is inhospitable to bacteria thanks to its rapid drying properties. The external fabric is treated using the Clean and Fresh® procedure.

Hypoallergenic Dacron
This highly breathable and elastic polyester thermal fibre boasts elevated hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial properties. Dacron® combines comfort and technical performance
with environmental sustainability: 4 parallel cavities in hollow fibres guarantee optimum air circulation and a stable and lasting support that maintain their form and resilience over time. The external fabric is treated using the Clean and Fresh® procedure.


Length cm. 190/195/200
Width cm. 80/90/100/120/140/160/170/180
Height cm. 5

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