How does one go about choosing a mattress?

The choice of a mattress is absolutely subjective because each of us has different needs and above all different tastes and sleep habits. Choosing a mattress may seem complicated, but knowing what is important to consider can help make this choice much easier.

To identify the mattress most suited to your needs, consider above all these factors:

  • your physical build: how much do you weigh and how tall are you?
  • eventual health issues: do you suffer from joint, neck or back pain?
  • your sleep position and movement habits during rest: do you sleep on your stomach, back or side? Do you tend to move a lot or remain immobile?
  • what are your preferences in terms of comfort, firmness and perceived heat: do you prefer a softer or firmer level of support? Do you suffer the heat?

To find the right mattress the first thing is to test it: in our Ennerev retail outlets you can test multiple products at the same time and evaluate their characteristics with professionals, based on your specific needs. Take your time and dedicate up to ten minutes to each product: lay down on each mattress and assume diverse positions. This is the only way to understand if a mattress is truly the right one for you.