What is the best way to clean a mattress?

First off, it is necessary to distinguish between normal maintenance and deep cleaning, for example to remove accidental stains.

To remove dust from the sleep side it is sufficient to delicately brush the fabric cover. Attention: mattresses should never be beaten like a rug as this will ruin the padding.

In the event of stains it is important to intervene quickly to keep liquids from penetrating into the internal padding. Remove liquids or water from the surface of your mattress using a dry cloth or towel. For mattresses without a removable cover, remove the bedsheets and let the mattress breathe to allow for the drying of padding and softer parts. For mattresses with a removable cover, carefully follow the washing instructions on the label.

We always suggest protecting your mattress with an easy to clean and practical cover, above all if the mattress itself doesn’t feature its own removable cover.

We strongly advise against the use of foam cleaning products as they can create pockets of humidity or produce halos on mattress fabrics and lead to the possible appearance of unpleasant mould stains.