Sandwich of 2 layers / memory foam + Evocell / multi-zone / sfoderabile / height 21 cm / medium

A practical and lightweight mattress for children’s’ bedrooms, Young is 21 cm high. Its two-layer structure, with an upper layer in heat sensitive and visco elastic memory foam makes it comfortable and inviting. The padded cover in hypoallergenic fibre is removable and washable for improved hygiene.

igiene sicura
sfoderabile e lavabile


This mattress is made by combining a heat sensitive and visco elastic memory foam with a layer of Evocell, the latest generation of foams offering breathability, resistance to heat and humidity and durability. The selected structure is particularly compact thanks to the reduced dimensions of the pad, and offers a homogenous level of support.


This mattress designed for children’s’ rooms ensures uniformly distributed support across the entire surface. The child’s weight is contained and thus the various parts of the body do not create highly differentiated pressure zones that would benefit from diverse support levels like adults.

multizone support
21 cm (approx.)
standard dimension

80 x 190 cm
80 x 195 cm
80 x 200 cm
90 x 190 cm
90 x 195 cm
90 x 200 cm

full size

120 x 190 cm
120 x 195 cm
120 x 200 cm


The Sanitized® hypoallergenic thermal polyester fibre cover is particularly breathable to heighten internal air flow and evaporate the humidity released by the body during sleep. It is ideal for those with an allergy to mites.

height cm