Esprit 300

Wood slat mattress frame / aluminium structure / 5 section movement / motorised

A queen size or twin electric frame, Esprit 300 features an aluminium structure with ergonomic balancing supports. The motorised frame is operated by a wired control panel or an optional wireless control. The frame is divided into 5 sections to ensure correct posture and comfortable positioning, continually balancing its arrangement in relation to the weight, zone and movements of the body. Esprit 300 features an emergency battery that serves to return the bed to its level position in the event of a loss of electrical power.

aluminium frame with personalised profile, section 45×22 mm
13 pairs of beech plywood slats, dimensions 38×8 mm
double slats with flexible thermoplastic discs (SEBS)
additional slats at the centre of the mattress in fibre-reinforced plastic, dimensions 25×8 mm
5 section movement with 2 motors to regulate the inclination of the head/feet
and emergency battery system
The queen size model is made from two twin frames held together by special connectors.
standard dimensions


80 x 190 cm
80 x 195 cm
80 x 200 cm
85 x 190 cm
85 x 195 cm
85 x 200 cm
90 x 190 cm
90 x 195 cm
90 x 200 cm

queen size

160 x 190 cm
160 x 195 cm
160 x 200 cm
165 x 190 cm
165 x 195 cm
165 x 200 cm
170 x 190 cm
170 x 195 cm
170 x 200 cm

custom mattress frames

wireless control